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Cyber Security Portfolio


CYBERBIT - Defeating the Unknown

The cyber security market has been going through tremendous changes recently. Exponential increase in the number of attacks and their severity has caused a drastic decrease in the relevance and effectiveness of current generation security tools which are, by nature – signature based. CYBERBIT confronts these challenges by protecting high risk, high value enterprises, critical infrastructures and governments against these advanced, signature-less threats.
We in CYBERBIT understand that in order to detect and respond fast and efficiently to advanced threats organizational security has to go through major changes. Detection and response cycles must become optimal and short, leveraging past knowledge and experience, automating processes and capabilities, and allowing the organization to be agile, alert and prompt. That’s what CYBERSHIELD portfolio is all about - securing IP & SCADA networks against advanced and targeted threats.
Additionally, CYBERBIT’s Intelligence division is a world leader in providing interception and Intelligence products and solutions to Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) all over the globe, bringing the cyber dimension intelligence potential to the maximum.


Infosecurity Europe 2016: CYBERBIT Introduces SCADAShield 5.0 - A Critical Infrastructure Security Upgraded Version.
Providing advanced security and operational continuity, the new solution introduces OT/IT network discovery and visualization, as well as air transport logistics protocol support
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CYBERBIT Names Cyber Security Veteran Stephen Thomas - CYBERBIT Commercial’s VP Sales, North America
Thomas Brings over 20 Years of Sales to the Position
CYBERBIT Ltd., a subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd., announced today that Stephen Thomas, formerly Vice President, Americas Channel Sales at Symantec, has joined CYBERBIT Commercial Solutions Inc. (CYBERBIT Commercial) as Vice President of Sales for North America. In this role, Mr. Thomas will be responsible for all direct sales and partner functions for North America for the enterprise cyber market. He has also been entrusted to grow strategic customer accounts and partner relationships that tactically meld with CYBERBIT Commercial’s core business objectives.
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CYBERBIT, Awarded Contracts Valued at an Approximately $22 Million to Supply Intelligence and Cyber Systems to a Customer in Asia-Pacific
The systems to be supplied consist of CYBERBIT’s WiT™ system, a highly advanced end-to-end intelligence and investigation solution, that supports every stage of the intelligence process, including the collection of the data from multiple sources, databases and sensors, processing of the information, supporting research, analysis and evaluation of the information with advanced analysis tools and disseminating the intelligence to the intended recipient.

CYBERBIT, announced that it uncovered for the first time, the Dridex malwares advanced and sophisticated persistency mechanism, allowing organizations to detect and remove the malware.
The unique analysis was revealed by CYBERBITs dedicated malware research expert team, who managed to conduct a detailed dynamic behavioral analysis of the Dridex malware, fully revealing its infection process and persistency mechanism. Part of Dridex robustness is attributed to its ability to constantly generate new variants for each attack, thus going undetected under AV engines. CYBERBITs malware research team, a group of specialists who analyze malwares and security threats in order to enrich CYBERBITs analyses methods and algorithms, managed to reveal Dridex persistency mechanism, which allows it to remain uncovered and undetected due to its unique mode of operation.
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CYBERBIT Walks away with the Frost & Sullivan Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award at the 2015 Excellence in Best Practices Awards Banquet
CYBERBIT took the honors in the Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership category at the 2015 Excellence in Best Practices Awards, Frost & Sullivan's yearly black-tie event that recognizes top achievers and innovators at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, Monaco, on October 22, 2015.

CYBERBIT was awarded a contract to provide the Switzerland-based company, RUAG Defence, with CYBERBIT's CyberShield - Cyber Security Trainer and Simulator (TnS).
The contract is in an amount that is not material to either party, and the TnS will be supplied in the coming months. The CyberShield Simulator enables users, individually or as a group, to detect, respond and prevent cyber attacks, while experiencing advanced up-to-date attacks under real network protection conditions. The simulator provided to RUAG Defence will also present various network protection scenarios, conduct follow-up debriefing and evaluate the results. The system will enable simultaneous training for multiple users on attacks directed at IT networks as well as industrial control networks (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition - SCADA) used in most utilities.


CYBERBIT Walks away with the Frost Sullivan Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award

 CYBERBIT in CyberSecurity 500 list


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