Cyberbit's Endpoint Detection and Response detects and prevents unknown threats, including ransomware, in seconds, and provides advanced forensics and threat hunting. By combining machine learning, graph-based malware analysis, behavioral analytics and big-data, Cyberbit EDR is faster to detect threats that outsmart conventional systems and automates the threat hunt saving days to weeks of analyst time.
Detect Unknown, Targeted Threats In Real-Time

Machine-learning algorithms surface, within seconds, targeted threats that conventional solutions fail to identify.

Hunt Proactively

Detect, analyze and respond to threats by means of big-data, forensics and hunting tools, providing rapid access to pre-processed granular data for superior visibility and rapid hunting.

Accelerate Response

Save hours to days of analyst work. Eliminate over 80% of the manual analysis process by viewing the entire incident storyline to reveal root cause and proceed to response and prevention.

Maximize Team Efficiency

Cyberbit EDR prioritizes threats, filters out false positives, and produces the results of an automated threat hunt, so your team to focus on responding to the most relevant threats efficiently, with minimal distraction.

Visualize the entire attack timeline to investigate incidents and get to their root cause within minutes

Cyberbit’s EDR provides one of the most effective solutions for detecting unknown, signature-less and targeted threats. Cyberbit's approach was proven to provide its customers with substantially higher detection and response capabilities while keeping low false positive ratios

Danielle VanZandt, Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

Deep Endpoint Security Platform

Hybrid Detection - Beyond The Conventional IOCs

Unlike conventional solutions that rely on IOCs (Indicators of Compromise) and fail to identify unknown threats, Cyberbit uses a hybrid of machine learning and behavioral analysis to identify new and unknown malicious behavior in real-time, eliminating the need for the analysts to know what they’re looking for.

Automate the Threat Hunt

Analysts often work with fragments of the story to seek traces of attacks hidden in data. Cyberbit’s EDR platform assists analysts by automating much of this hunting process saving up to weeks of investigative effort.

Out-Of-The-Box Response, Prevention, and Anti-Ransomware

Cyberbit EDR enables analysts to easily and rapidly execute endpoint specific or network wide response measures related to memory, file, registry, processes and network. The platform detects and blocks ransomware automatically, prevents encryption and backs up valuable data before damage is done.

Open And Customizable

Cyberbit provides SDKs for you to add custom analyses, REST APIs to visualize your data in any web interface, and APIs for importing and exporting data to your 3rd party tool of choice.

Cyberbit EDR Hybrid Detection Engine

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